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Saturday, May 9, 2009

So we were on the road and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


still AAAAAAAAAAAAH! but kind of less so.

ok, yeah right. no there was no bear, it was one of the many wacky things found at this place:

They buy everything!

PS although we did get stranded up in bear country last week. we were driving on a mountain in Montana bear country and the GPS took us to a gravel road, then a dirt road, then a not-really-a-road where we got stuck in snow and spent the night. the next morning we walked the six miles back to the road where we found a very friendly fellow with a 4 wheel drive pickup truck to come and pull us out. the funny thing is that we all (Brook, Chloe & I) are very impressed with ourselves for surviving a night in the wild but everyone we tell the story to out here (in the West) is not impressed. I think it's sort of the equivalent of someone in New York getting lost on a subway train.

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