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Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I got a polarizer filter just to keep on the front of the lens and absorb incidental scratches (like a car bumper!), but the COOL thing about a polarizer is that it totally reduces glare. Which means if you are at a museum, you can shoot THROUGH glass cases without getting the reflection of all the other stuff in the room. And if the cases are such that you can walk 360 around them, then you can photograph your friends reacting to art-things like this one:

What a crazy thing! Oh, olden days.


Bek said...

that's pretty nifty. But John's eyes look a bit scary in that last one. Way blue.

Dan Gillespie said...

Another cool thing you can do with polarizers is create an adjustable dimmer. If you get two polarized lenses and stack them you can change the amount of light that passes through both by rotating one in relation to the other.

This can provide cool fade in and out effect completely mechanically.

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