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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top Secret Hidden Wal Mart Store Photos!!! Classified! Classified!

So when we stopped into the Wal Mart to get an oil change, I got out my camera. Mostly because it's what I always do, but also because I saw this and wanted to photograph it. And I'm glad I did.

So then I was wandering around in the Super-Store thinking about how much open space there was. More than you mostly get in New York and certainly more than you would ever get indoors. So I thought it'd be cool to take some tele-photo shots and compress the space. Real cool landscape-like photos.

I got a couple of shots off, just calibrating what the conditions were like, when a man with a broom firmly instructed me that I was not to take photos in the Wal Mart. Whoa. Ok, that's cool. I half expected as much. So I pack it up and just start wandering around scoping the scene.

About two minutes later, as I was reading about the savings that Wal Mart affords over other stores, two plain clothes dicks (that stands for "detectives") accosted me and started an interrogation:

Dicks: Are you taking pictures of the Wal Mart?
Me: What? No!
Dicks: You weren't just taking pictures of the Wal Mart?
Me: I was, but I was told I wasn't allowed, so I stopped.
Dicks: Why were you taking pictures?
Me: Well I'm not from around here and they don't have Wal Marts where I come from.

This seemed to satisfy the dicks and they let me go with an O, Brother-Where-Art-Thou-style "Just don't take any more pictures of the Wal Mart!"

So it is with great pride, ladies and gentlemen, that I now reveal to you those few shots I popped off at the beginning! The only photographic record of what goes on inside these great temples of commerce and culture! An exclusive - the only known photos (to my knowledge) of the inside of a Wal Mart store! Enjoy at your own discretion:


Dan Gillespie said...
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Dan Gillespie said...

Someone must have seen something and said something.

Bek said...

I, too, have clandestine photos from the inside of a Wal-mart ;)

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