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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Kids Are Alright

As seen at a punk house in Hartford:

By the by, a couple of albums I've been really digging:

Bill Fox - Shelter From the Smoke. This is a really cool album that Brook played me on the road. This guy came out with two albums in the 90s I guess and then disappeared. But it sounds a lot like early Byrds, which I like!

Sundown Songs - Far From Home. These guys also played on Sunday. They hail from New Orleans and they're just awesome. As I was telling Jordan, they create a tight little pocket up onstage that you can peer into as audience. And absolutely everyone in the group can SING. They are coming back down through New York next Wed to play at the Jalopey for Feral Foster's Roots 'n Ruckus show. Odds are very good that I'll be there.

EDIT: F that, they're playing Jalopey tonight. You should skip them and come see Swamp Luck at Lit Lounge with the Shivers and Sunset

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