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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have been totally slacking off on this blog. Sorry. I have still been taking photographs, but have been lacking the time to get them from tiny camera screen to that of the vast wide internet.

Instead, I am focusing on three really major projects right now. These are:

1) Trying to get out to California for a week this summer to make an album with my good friend Shakey Graves.

2) Finally getting a VanLou Media website up to house these videos I've been shooting with Andrew all year.

3) Sorting through the many 'field recordings' I've made and acquired over the years. By this I mean that I've had a habit of cassette taping, filming or otherwise just trying to capture lots and lots of musicians that I've met here and there throughout my travels. I've been trying to make some sense of the archives. This is a project that will definitely have a home here on this site once it gets rolling and I am looking forward to sharing it with y'all.

Until then, however, it looks like is taking a bit of a breeeather.

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