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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Market Rockin'

Over the weekend, my friend Neil invited me to the Really Really Free Market over at Judson Church (a really really free market is one where people bring goods and services to give for free and accept goods and services also for free. Goodbye cowboy boots!) I was joined by Katie and Ian from one of my new favorite groups the Relatives! (come see 'em on Thursday at Sidewalk Cafe and stay for Swamp Luck's Midnight Ramble

I guess I knew there was going to be music, but I was a little surprised to see my friend Justin from the Elastic No-No Band. Here he is "feelin' it":

He graciously invited onstage to throw down some supplemental guitar and backup vocals on "Goodnight Irene"! I hadda blast.

The following will be a tutorial in rock moves, of which Justin is enormously qualified. First, do the lean-in:

Next, take a moment to survey the crowd:

Okay. Great. Now go ahead and lean on back - you've earned it.

BONUS PHOTO: For context - check out the size of this room! The free market at work.

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